New protected area designated by Cuba



HAVANA: Cuba has designated 144 new protected areas in an effort to safeguard the island’s natural surroundings and biodiversity.

The recently added protected areas, which have been authorised by the Council of Ministers, now occupy more than 15% of the nation’s territory and more than 20% of its interior waterways, according to the local publication Juventud Rebelde.

After a new environmental law was authorised by the National Assembly of People’s Power to replace one that was passed in 1997, the action was taken.

In 2021, Cuba established 26 new protected areas, the majority of which are found in the provinces of Las Tunas and Guantanamo in the country’s east.

The Caribbean nation has recently enhanced the environmental preservation of national parks, nature reserves, and wildlife refuges in conformity with the principles of sustainable development.
A national government project that was initiated in 2017 to mitigate the effects of global warming caused by climate change and increasing sea levels is still being implemented by local government authorities.