Nayantara’s huge post-marriage decision… This work will not be used in films”


Nayanthara, the most beautiful actress in the South, is married to her love life, Vignesh Shivan, and they are happy together. However, there are claims that Nayanthara has made crucial decisions in her life since her marriage, which you can read about here.

According to some reports, Nayantara is taking a break after her marriage to spend quality time with her director husband and will not do intimate scenes when she returns. However, no official confirmation has come from Nayantara as of yet.

Nayantara working with Shahrukh Khan: Not only that, but Nayantara’s upcoming film Jawan, in which she will be seen alongside King Khan, is expected to be a no-intimacy film. However, other reports suggest that Nayantara will not need to make a no-intimacy clause for this film.