Nandita Das and Deepa Mehta appear in images posted by Kapil Sharma from TIFF. “With the two smartest women…”


On Thursday, actor and comedian Kapil Sharma posted images from the Toronto International Film Festival to Instagram (TIFF). For the screening of his Nandita Das-directed movie Zwigato, Kapil attended the film festival. Zwigato investigates the freelance economy and views Kapil as a food delivery rider. His wife, played by Shahana Goswami, starts a new profession just to support his salary.

The initial responses to Zwigato have come in. Zwigato poignantly shows the ongoing class battle in India by bringing the audience along with the modern life of a food courier in Jharkhand, according to one movie fan. Family, surveillance technology, joy, tradition, pride, and partnership all gracefully interweave. Salutations, Nandita Das!

Nandita Das Initiatives and Sameer Nair’s Applause Entertainment collaborated to make Zwigato. In a previous statement, Nandita had stated: “The film seeks to make visible what is concealed in plain sight. The actors and crew have coincidentally came together for this. Kapil Sharma suddenly appeared on my screen one day! Despite no longer being the “ordinary man,” I could envision him perfectly representing it even if I hadn’t watched his show. He will undoubtedly surprise everyone, even himself, with his genuine candour.