Must be a Muslim “Agniveer,” the organisation claimed, as Muslims comprehended the Agneepath scheme



Kanpur: A constructive initiative has begun amid the violent anti- “Agneepath” rallies in numerous states. The Imam will advise the mosques to encourage the Muslim youngsters to participate in the programme. Before Friday prayers, a request will be made in this regard. Young people were encouraged to apply to become Agniveers by the Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), a group involved in the field of education. Imams will assist the group with this plea as well.

Youth who have passed their 10th or 12th grade can apply, according to information shared by AMP on social media. Beginning on June 24, registration will be open. The online exam will start on July 25. Age should range from 17 months to 23 years. The AMP has pleaded for as many people to be made aware of Agneepath as is practical. Attend colleges to become informed. Youth of any religion and group can receive information about Agneepath.

The group advised the worshippers to share this information with their sons, loved ones, and friends. The most applications possible should be submitted. internet; modified government; Scheme provides access to further information. Shahid Kamran, a supporter of AMP, said that his company is actively promoting it. The Imams of the mosque are also spreading the message. In the Friday prayers, a specific plea will be made for this. Becoming an Agniveer has various advantages. Youth should apply for this in greater numbers.