Musa Mohammadi, a well-known Afghan journalist, arrived on the ‘pavement’ during Taliban administration…”



Kabul: Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the country’s position has deteriorated significantly. People there are still dealing with poverty, unemployment, and hunger after ten months. Millions of Afghans are struggling to get even two times their daily bread. People are compelled to live in constant terror. Its terrifying trademark can be seen in some viral social media images. The photos show an Afghan journalist who, under Taliban authority, is now sitting on the street peddling things to feed himself and his family. Looking at his current photos, it’s easy to see why he feels driven to live in such deplorable conditions in his own nation.

Let me inform you that this journalist’s name is Musa Mohammadi. He worked as an anchor and reporter for numerous Afghan television stations for many years, but is now unemployed due to Taliban rule. They also lack the financial wherewithal to give their family twice as much bread. So, to feed himself and his family, he spends the day selling street food. Since seizing control in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, the Taliban has placed a number of restrictions on men and women. After denying women’s education, the Taliban issued a new edict in March this year for Afghani men, stating that any government employee who did not keep a beard would be fired. Not only that, but the Taliban, an Islamic movement, had prohibited girls from attending school.

The Taliban is known for violating human rights in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, but after regaining power, they declared that they had changed and would no longer follow radical ideas. Even after this, the radically-minded Taliban continue to make such orders, forcing Afghan residents to live in abject poverty.