More than 17,000 new cases of the corona illness were discovered in a 24-hour period



New Delhi: Corona is spreading across the nation at an alarming rate. Yes, and over 17,000 new instances of corona infection have been reported in the past day. As a result of this and Corona’s super-speed, the number of active cases is likewise rising in the nation. In fact, the number of current corona cases in the nation has risen to around 90,000 as a result of the rise in new cases. The Ministry of Health also recently disclosed the most recent corona infection statistics.

Let us inform you that 17336 new cases of infection have been reported throughout the nation during the past 24 hours, according to the most recent information available regarding the corona virus. 13 sick people have also passed away within this time, at the same time. Let us also inform you that 5 lakh 24 thousand 954 individuals have died as a result of the most recent corona in the nation. A total of 4 crore 27 lakh 49 thousand 56 persons have recovered their health after battling Corona at the same time. Additionally, there has been a significant increase in the number of corona virus active cases to go along with the rise in new cases.

The number of current corona virus infections in the nation has now reached 88284, according to the information obtained. You must all be aware that the corona virus is spreading more quickly every day. Yes, and 13313 new cases of corona virus infection were reported across the nation the day before, on June 24.