Minor girl held hostage for three months and raped; also charged with conversion



Mathura: In Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura, a stunning example of love jihad has surfaced. A 15-year-old Hindu girl was allegedly lured into a love trap by Mausim Qureshi, who then raped her for three months, according to the victim’s mother. The police detained the accused Mausim Qureshi after receiving the FIR. The suspect in the crime is being questioned by the police. The police have filed a case in this instance under the categories of enticing and pushing someone away.

According to media sources, a Muslim teenager named Mausim Qureshi, a resident of Mathura’s Thana Jamunapar neighbourhood, enticed a 15-year-old minor Hindu girl living in the vicinity into his love trap, confined her there for three months, and subjected her to physical and emotional abuse. Additionally, the victim’s family has been charged with the daughter’s conversion. Since February 2022, the young person has been gone from their household. At the same time, the victim’s mother claimed that no action was taken by the police when she visited Jamunapar police station over the course of several months to take action. The victim’s mother claimed that, on the contrary, the police had intimidated her.

At the same time, the victim’s widowed mother would get threats and be pushed out of Mausim Qureshi’s home when she went to pick up her daughter. Four months later, the police have filed a complaint against the accused Mausim Qureshi and his family at Jamunapar police station on the directives of SSP Dr. Gaurav Grover, and the accused has been taken into custody. The remarks of the young girl have also been recorded in addition to this. In this instance, the mother of the victim claims that she was informed that Mausim had wed her daughter.

The victim’s bereaved mother often knocked on the doors of the authorities to demand justice, but she got nowhere. The victim’s mother has also claimed that the accused Mausim Qureshi took the young victim from Mathura to Kanpur Nari Niketan with the assistance of some police officers. The accused in this case has a significant illegal drug sales operation, which has also been made public in a media report.