Menstrual Cycle: Understand how to keep yourself clean during your periods


New Delhi: Every month, women have their periods. Many hormonal changes occur in women’s bodies at this time; as a result, women should maintain a high level of cleanliness in the meantime, or the danger of infection increases significantly. Women may later suffer a slew of major issues as a result of infection. You might be surprised to learn that the majority of women use pads during their periods, but they have no idea how long they should use them for.

Periods and Hygiene: When the flow isn’t strong, many women maintain the same pad for hours, resulting in vaginal infection. This infection can lead to irregular periods, burning, itching, discharge, swelling, a red rash, and pain in the private area. It can also be a contributing factor in infertility. Learn how to keep your period hygiene in this article.

Replace your pads every 4 hours: Using a sanitary pad for an extended period of time causes it to absorb moisture. This results in the formation of bacteria that cause illness. As a result, do not leave the pad on for more than 4 hours. Change the pad every two hours if the flow is fast. Tampons are subject to the same rule.

While replacing the pad, keep washing the private part with water, attempting to keep it clean and dry. Also, never use soap to wash your private parts. Soap is quite abrasive, and it also kills the beneficial microorganisms in the area. Many different types of medically certified intimate wash solutions are now available on the market. Make the most of them.

During menstruation, take a hot shower:

During menstruation, bathe in hot water. There is swelling in the bottom portions of the stomach during this time. Taking a cold bath can aggravate your condition. You will feel relieved and refreshed after bathing in warm water. It also eliminates unpleasant odours from the body.

Clean your inner wear on a daily basis: During your period, you should maintain your inner wear clean and only wear it when it is totally dry. Aside from that, make sure to wash your bedsheets on a regular basis. Dettol is used to clean the inner wear of period days individually.