Men fight too, but we don’t refer to them as dog fights, according to Huma Qureshi


According to Huma Qureshi, calling conflicts between males “dog fights” is misogynistic because men also engage in physical conflict. Currently, Huma is benefiting from the success of the second season of her well-liked online series, Maharani.

Double XL, which Huma is now working on with Sonakshi Sinha, is her upcoming project. The first image of both Huma and Sonakshi has been released, and the movie also stars Sonakshi’s rumoured boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal.

Huma told ETimes, “They are not rumours, people fight, but I believe catfights are such a patriarchal way of phrasing it. Men fight a lot more than women. We don’t refer to conflicts between men as “dog fights,” do we? People fight because they can’t stand one another; it’s not because of gender; sometimes some people don’t get along with one another. I believe that women are portrayed as competing with one another a lot more. Men, in my opinion, compete more. If you visit a gym, you will understand exactly what I mean. Everyone is just interested in examining each other’s bodies and has no interest in exercising.

Speaking of her project with Sonakshi, Huma remarked that because Sonakshi is a close friend, making the movie was special and enjoyable. “Women are significantly more secure in our company than men, if I may say so without coming off as arrogant. I believe it will be very difficult to get two people to work on a movie because they would always be comparing their biceps. Women simply have a horrible reputation, in my opinion. Working with other girls is fun for me.

Huma has a number of intriguing projects planned. These include Dinesh Vijan’s Pooja Meri Jaan, Double XL, and a biopic on celebrated culinary writer and chef Tarla Dalal. She also has the Vasan Bala-directed Netflix original film Monica Oh My Darling.