Meat Side Effect: The habit of eating excessive meat will ruin, be alert before the attack of these diseases


Side Effects Of Eating Meat Daily: More than 70 percent of people in India are non-vegetarian, which is why the consumption of meat is very high in this country, people like to eat many types of non-vegetarian recipes. There is no doubt that meat is a rich source of protein for us, it is such a nutrient that gives strength to the body and muscles, but it is not right to depend on meat to get protein. Some people cannot live without eating non-veg and consume it daily. Let us know what harm can be done to your body by this.

more animal-based protein than plant-based protein is dangerous for health because it can weaken your bones. For those who are unable to control their meat consumption, their risk of bone fracture and osteoporosis increases significantly.

What is the opinion of the expert?

Regarding this, celebrity nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee told through her Instagram page, ‘Protein is necessary for bone health, but too much animal-based protein, especially red meat, can actually harm your bones. Is. That’s why we have to include dairy, fish, chicken, and plant-based protein sources of protein in our diet and don’t forget to balance it with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. ,


Risk of calcium deficiency
Anjali Mukherjee further said, ‘High protein diet can affect the health of our bones and can also cause calcium deficiency. Actually, our blood starts becoming acidic due to red meat, due to which calcium is removed from the bones. This is the reason why we should eat meat only in limited quantities.