Mayawati criticises the government for quelling opposition protests and SP MLAs want police called in for “privilege breach”


A day after police prevented Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party, from entering the UP Assembly, BSP leader Mayawati criticised the BJP administration for not allowing opposition parties to stage protests against its “anti-people policies.”

The BJP’s latest dictatorial behaviour is preventing opposition parties from holding demonstrations against the government’s anti-people policies, despotic behaviour, and crimes. Mayawati stated in a Hindi tweet that “court cases, arresting people, and the propensity to silence dissent is exceedingly dangerous.

“The BJP should think about their own history of doing road jams on every other issue in the past and stalling the life of common people,” the BSP chief continued. “Before stopping the sit-in protests against inflation, poverty, unemployment, bad roads, education, health, and law and order,” he added.

Mayawati’s tweet was posted when Samajwadi Party MLAs were protesting in the Assembly, claiming that police had violated their constitutional rights by preventing them from attending Monday’s House session.

The Samajwadi Party asked that the subject be brought up in the Assembly and described Monday’s police action as a “breach of privilege of over 100 Samajwadi Party legislators” by Lucknow Police.

Even after the House was adjourned for the day on Tuesday, the protest that had started at the beginning of the session persisted.

“Using force to prevent lawmakers from attending the Assembly is a violation of privilege. We demand that the Assembly summon the concerned police officials, and that the case be heard there as in a court. According to Manoj Pandey, chief whip for the Samajwadi Party, “about 110 MLAs were prevented from attending the Assembly session on Monday, which is their prerogative.

“Our lawmakers desired to enter Vidhan Sabha in silence. Nothing is wrong with it. However, a sizable police presence was present outside the Samajwadi Party office. Even after displaying their ID cards and MLA permits, our MLAs were denied access to the House, Pandey continued.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna denied the accusations made by the Samajwadi Party and stated the opposition’s request for a discussion on a breach of privilege could not be complied with because the claims were “fake.” “No police personnel intervened to stop SP lawmakers. To avoid causing traffic problems for the students and others, they were instructed to use an other route. The minister stated that if SP MLAs wanted to march, they should have obtained permission from the relevant parties.

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Khanna commented that it was odd that SP Leaders could not enter the House despite their claims, despite the fact that MLAs from their coalition partner RLD were able to get to Vidhan Sahba. “Gate pe kisi ne nahi roka, inka political agenda tha. They had a political agenda: Vidhan Parishad ke teeno sadasya ko kisi ne nahi roka. Nobody was stopped at the gate. They did not stop their own three Legislative Council members at the gate. No one has been stopped, and no one ever will be, said Khanna.

The administration allegedly anticipated that some “anti-social elements” might have joined the SP’s march and disrupted law and order, according to the minister.
The Samajwadi Party top whip responded to the government’s concern that “anti-social elements” may have joined the march by saying, “They are legislators, not anti-social elements.”

Soon, MLAs from the Samajwadi Party burst into the House’s well while yelling, “Tanashahi nahi chalegi, nahi chalegi.” Even when Speaker Satish Mahana adjourned the House, they remained seated in the well of the chamber.