Maulana Tauqeer Raza’s stunning statement, which targeted Modi and Shah, was met with outrage



Nupur Sharma, who made provocative remarks about Prophet Mohammad, is still making news in Bareilly. The anti-her demonstrations are still going on. The police in Uttar Pradesh, on the other hand, are extremely careful. With this, IMC chief Maulana Tauqir Raza has called for a sit-in protest on June 17 in Bareilly. Indeed, Maulana declared today, Monday, that “we are ready to take the hit of sticks and bullets, ready to go to jail because arrogance cannot be permitted in the grandeur of the Prophet,” and that “we have prolonged our demonstration to the 10th of June for this reason.” It was because it was Ganga Dussehra on that particular day. With this, he compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Mahabharata’s Dhritarashtra and blamed the BJP and RSS for Gandhi’s killing, stating, ‘BJP and RSS should assassinate Nupur Sharma like Gandhi to win the 2024 elections.’

“Our hatred is not directed at the Hindu community, nor is it directed at the Uttar Pradesh government, nor is it directed at the district administration, nor is it directed at the police.” “Wherever there have been incidences like stone pelting in the protest, I condemn them,” he continued. Because it’s pointless to oppose the cops. The police’s conviction rate should remain high, and they must follow the government’s commands. The police have no independent will. If the government orders the police to make the demonstrators drink sherbet, the police will be forced to do it, and if the order is issued, the police will be forced to use sticks.’

‘Uttar Pradesh government is functioning by rising above Hindu Muslim Sikh, which is a good thing and they should be applauded,’ Tauqir Raza said, applauding the Yogi government. There is unrest throughout the country, but also throughout the world, as a result of the schedule that we have kept for the 17th. In such a situation, our country’s ruler remains silent and powerless to take any action. I also tell my Hindu brothers that they should inform their monarch that the country’s atmosphere is deteriorating, and that a choice should be made in such a case. I want Narendra Modi to make a choice right away so that future generations are not remembered as Dhritarashtra of the Kali Yuga. Our fight is with the federal government, and Narendra Modi should step down from his job as Chief Minister of Maharashtra and make a decision right away. Nupur Sharma, as well as anyone else who uses similar language, should be detained. Nupur Sharma should be imprisoned.

“If you want to defend Nupur Sharma, one thing I’d like to point out is that the BJP-RSS has a deep-seated conspiracy.” I’m afraid they’re hoping to win the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 in some way. Issues are being investigated for 2024, which has produced an environment throughout the country in preparation for 2024. I am aware that Nupur Sharma’s life is under danger. I’m worried that, just as they killed Gandhiji to polarise the Hindu-Muslim issue, they should not accuse Muslims of rioting by murdering Nupur Sharma. That is why I believe Nupur Sharma should be protected, and if her security is insufficient, she will not be able to obtain better protection from the jail, nor will she be able to stay in jail in a more secure and comfortable manner.”