Mango Coconut Laddus appears to be the most amazing and delectable of all the desserts




If you enjoy mangoes and coconuts, you can create mango coconut laddoos at home. Yes, and give this dish a shot. In fact, the taste of mango and coconut in it will make you want to eat it over and over again. So, what’s the best way to create this laddoo?

Mango coconut laddoos ingredients-

2 cups coconut (dry)

1 can of condensed milk

1 mango puree cup

1/2 teaspoon powdered cardamom

How to prepare mango coconut laddoos – To begin, blend mango puree in a blender. Toss in the cardamom powder and condensed milk. This mixture should be blended twice. It should get frothy after a few minutes of blending. After that, either cut or crush the coconut into little pieces. After that, pour the mixed mixture into a buttered pan. After heating it, add the dried coconut chunks. After that, thoroughly combine the coconut pieces with the mango mixture. Finally, roll it into little balls in the shape of laddoos. Put it in the fridge for a time. The greatest mango coconut laddoos are ready to eat. Dry fruits should be used to garnish it.