Malaika’s mouth was left open when some boys did such a thing in the dark


Malaika Arora has been in the headlines several times. She makes a fuss on social media every day with her gorgeous looks. You will also be aware that Malaika is an excellent judge. He also served as a judge on the first season of ‘India’s Got Talent.’ Many abilities were displayed in front of Malaika, but her mouth was left wide when a group of lads began performing in the dark as well.

People were taken aback by the group’s dance: a video from ‘India’s Got Talent’ is going popular on social media these days. A bunch of boys appears in this video to perform. The gang dances in the dark, yet their body movements are visible because to the lights on their clothes. Everyone’s mouths are agape wide when they see how cleanly this bunch dances. Skeleton Crew was the name of this group.

Season 8 of Magician Ke Naam Raha: According to the news, this video is fairly outdated. It made it to the group semi-finals of season 8 of ‘India’s Got Talent.’ Which, once again, got progressively widespread in social media’s corridors. People are praising this group and building praise bridges. Not only that, but Javed Khan of Sirohi was the season’s winner. In his wonderful way, Javed had captivated the hearts of everyone this season.