Make this simple, fuss-free melon smoothie for a quick breakfast on the road


Fruit should be consumed in large quantities during the summer to combat the heat. Additionally, the variety of melons that are currently on the market make it necessary for you to try them all in your meals.

Therefore, a simple melon smoothie recipe should work if you haven’t yet tried muskmelon (kharbuja) this season. Chef Kunal Kapoor’s simple and nutritious meal only calls for a small number of ingredients. Look it over:


*1 cup of muskmelon, chopped

a cup of milk

*1/2 a cup of honey

Celery, chopped, 1 tablespoon

*1/4 teaspoon minced ginger

*A pinch of ground nutmeg

*A pinch of ground black pepper

*A couple of drops of vanilla extract

4 ounces of coconut water


Enjoy! Combine all the ingredients in a mixer.

Muskmelon has health advantages.

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra claims that muskmelon is not only delicious but also full of nutritional advantages:

Maintains heart health: Muskmelons are high in potassium, which lowers blood pressure and maintains heart health. Additionally, the blood-thinning characteristics of the adenosine found in muskmelons automatically lower the risk of heart disease.

Good for your eyes: Muskmelon’s high levels of vitamin A and beta carotene aid to improve vision and lower the chance of getting cataracts.

Kidney problems and stones can be treated using a muskmelon extract called oxykine, which also prevents kidney stones from forming. Due to its high water content, it also cleanses the kidneys.

Menstrual cramps are reduced because of its anti-coagulant properties, which dissolve blood clots and relieve muscle pain.