major price reductions for gasoline and diesel, according to the oil firms



State-owned oil firms have announced the updated prices for gasoline and diesel as of today, Saturday, July 2. Yes, the cost of gasoline and diesel is the same as it was yesterday. Let us inform you that the price of gasoline and diesel has decreased for the 44th day in a row. In Delhi, the cost of a litre of gasoline is Rs 96.72 and a litre of diesel is Rs 89.62. In Port Blair, the lowest price for gasoline is Rs. 84.10 and for diesel, Rs. 79.74 per litre. In Delhi, a litre of gasoline costs Rs 96.72, a litre of diesel costs Rs 89.62, a litre of gasoline costs Rs 111.35 in Mumbai, a litre of gasoline costs Rs 97.28 in Kolkata, a litre of gasoline costs Rs 106.03 in Chennai, and a litre of gasoline costs Rs 94.24 in Delhi.

In addition to this, the price of gasoline is Rs 96.57 and the price of diesel is Rs 89.76 a litre in Lucknow, Rs 107.24 and Rs 94.04 in Patna, and Rs 108.65 and Rs 93.90 in Bhopal. You may be aware that whereas fuel costs Rs 79.74 per litre in Parbhani and Rs 114.42 in Port Blair, respectively, gasoline costs Rs 84.10 in Port Blair. In addition, today’s prices in Sriganganagar for gasoline and diesel are respectively Rs. 113.49 and Rs. 98.24 a litre.

Diesel costs Rs 93.72 per litre and gasoline costs Rs 108.48 in Jaipur. By the way, you can use SMS to check the daily cost of gasoline and diesel in your city. Yes, customers of Indian Oil (IOC) and HPCL can submit RSP to the numbers 9224992249 and 9222201122, respectively. Customers of BPCL may also write RSP and send it to the 9223112222 number at the same time.