Major increases in cooking gas prices are another another setback for the average person



 New Delhi: In the topic of price increases, the general public has experienced yet another blow. Domestic 14.2 kilogramme LPG cylinder costs have increased. The cost of each cylinder has increased by Rs. 50. Domestic LPG cylinders will now be offered in Delhi for Rs 1,053.

The cost of a small home cylinder of 5 kg has increased in addition to the price of the 14.2 kg gas cylinder. The cost of each cylinder has increased by Rs 18. However, the cost of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has decreased. The cost per cylinder has been decreased by Rs 8.50. This respite is modest, though. Commercial cylinder costs were cut by Rs 198 a few days ago, which was a huge relief.

In fact, state-run oil companies stated on July 1 that the cost of LPG commercial cylinders will be reduced. Companies lowered the cost of commercial cylinders to Rs 198. A 19-kg commercial cylinder now costs Rs 2,021 in the capital Delhi as a result of this decision. Previously, the cost was Rs 2,219. Let us know that despite the general public’s expectations for a decrease in the price of domestic LPG cylinders following the recent lowering of crude prices on the world market, they were sadly disappointed today.