Maharashtra political crisis include Eknath Shinde’s expulsion from the Shiv Sena by Uddhav Thackeray


Maharashtra political crisis: Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra, was dismissed from the Shiv Sena party on Saturday for engaging in “anti-party actions” by party head Uddhav Thackeray. The Maharashtra CM had been in charge of a faction of renegade Sena MLAs. Thackeray wrote to the CM in a letter, “In the exercise of powers granted in me as Shiv Sena party president, I remove you from the job of Shiv Sena leader in the party organisation.”

The BJP is preparing to make sure that its Colaba MLA Rahul Narvekar is elected as Speaker of the Maharashtra Assembly in the election that will take place on Sunday and that the rebel Shiv Sena group led by Shinde receives official recognition before the trust vote that will take place the following day. Shiv Sena MLA Rajan Salvi has been nominated for office by the Maha Vikas Aghadi.

In a webcast yesterday, Thackeray said that there wouldn’t have been an MVA and a BJP man would be the current CM if Union Home Minister Amit Shah had adhered to the initial pact of making a Sena leader CM for 2.5 years. I had previously advised Amit Shah that there should be a Shiv Sena CM for 2.5 years regarding what transpired yesterday (during Shiv Sena-BJP alliance). There wouldn’t have been a Maha Vikas Aghadi if they had carried this out sooner, he claimed.

Former Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray commented on the most recent political squabble within the Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance in Maharashtra by asserting that there would not have been an MVA and a BJP leader would have been the current CM if Union Home Minister Amit Shah had adhered to the original agreement of making a Sena leader CM for 2.5 years. “Regarding what transpired yesterday, I already advised Amit Shah that a Shiv Sena CM should be in place for 2.5 years (during Shiv Sena-BJP alliance). If they had done this sooner, Maha Vikas Aghadi wouldn’t have existed “added he.

Beginning on July 3, the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly will hold a special two-day session in this location, officials said on Friday. The state legislature secretariat informed the assembly’s members in a statement that the election for Speaker of the House would take place on July 3. By July 2 at noon, nominations for the position will be accepted.

On July 11, the Supreme Court will hear a number of petitions, including one from the Shiv Sena, asking for the disqualification of the chief minister Eknath Shinde and the other leaders of the dissident party. Sunil Prabhu, the chief whip for the Shiv Sena, petitioned the supreme court on Friday to suspend them from the House pending the outcome of the disqualification case. Additionally, Prabhu has asked for a court order barring their entry into the Assembly.