Learn from a specialist how indoor air quality affects your thyroid health


We frequently breathe unclean air. Our health may be profoundly impacted, especially over time, by this regular exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, indoor air pollution, wildfires, and synthetic scents. Poor indoor air quality can cause infections, lung cancer, and long-term lung conditions including thyroid problems or asthma. Well-being and indoor air quality (IAQ) are intimately associated. Humans spend a lot of time indoors. The availability of clean, healthy air to breathe is linked to a greater standard of living, a lower incidence of respiratory infections, and a lower risk of acquiring a number of chronic illnesses.

Sara Hainsworth, a women’s health educator and integrative health practitioner, recently posted on Instagram on how indoor air quality affects our thyroid health.

Indoor air contamination:

The term “indoor air pollution” refers to air pollution that comes from within the house or enters through windows, cracks, air conditioning equipment, etc. Indoor and outdoor smoke, mildew, allergies, bacteria, artificial scents, chemicals, harmful cleaning products, etc. are a few examples of indoor air pollution.

Air quality indoors and thyroid health:

The metabolism and activity of thyroid hormones are disrupted and interfered with by air pollution. Particles from air pollution can cause tissue self-destruction and cell death, which are symptoms of autoimmune illnesses. Thyroid hormone imbalance or shortage can result from exposure to air pollution that is detrimental. Flame retardants, which are frequently used in furniture and children’s pyjamas, can also cause thyroid abnormalities. Early prenatal exposure to air pollution has the potential to influence the unborn child’s thyroid levels, the mother’s ability to produce thyroid hormone during pregnancy (when this hormone is needed more), and even result in a premature birth.

The following are some realistic beginning measures to raising indoor air quality:

removing your shoes before entering the house
periodically opening windows to allow for adequate ventilation
daily dusting checking for mould changing house filters
Filtering the air within a building
Advice for maintaining or regaining thyroid function:

Eat a diet that supports your metabolism to make sure you urinate, pee, and sweat frequently.
whenever possible, try to eat organic food.
Prevent exposure to glyphosate whenever possible.
Filter your water and reintroduce minerals as necessary.
Utilize magnesium, Castor oil packs, and herbs that strengthen the liver, such as milk thistle and dandelion.