Kushinagar: Horrible bus-truck crash, with three people killed and more than 50 injured



Lucknow: A bus-truck collision in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar district has claimed the lives of three individuals. At the same time, the accident has left more than 50 individuals seriously injured. The bus has been substantially damaged as a result of this horrible traffic collision. The police and health department teams arrived on the scene as soon as they received information about the accident and began their job. On the one hand, while the police have begun an investigation into the road accident, all of the critically injured persons have been transported to the nearest district hospital, where they are being treated under the supervision of doctors. CM Yogi has conveyed his displeasure over the situation.

Apart from the three persons who died, the condition of roughly 31 of the more than 50 people injured in the collision between a bus and a truck is stated to be critical. The police have taken the bodies of the three dead people they had in their possession and sent them for a post-mortem examination. According to the information, the event occurred about 2:00 a.m. last night, when a bus and a sand-laden truck collided with a labourer. All of the labourers who were injured or killed in the accident were Bihar natives who were on their way to work after leaving their home district via Kushinagar route.

The police are now investigating this traffic collision. Although the exact cause of the road collision is unknown, it occurred in the middle of the night. The possibility of an accident is emphasised in this situation owing to the driver’s eye or an animal appearing in front of the vehicle.