Know what Nitish Kumar stated when he came out in favour of Nupur



In the midst of the ongoing controversy over his words about Prophet Mohammad, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s statement has come to the fore. He has been a strong supporter of Nupur Sharma. ‘When the BJP has taken action, then what is the need for so much uproar?’ Nitish Kumar stated in response to a query concerning Nupur Sharma. He claimed that the BJP had already taken action against Nupur Sharma as a result of this. Nupur Sharma has also been charged with a crime. Regardless, if something is going on, it needs to be addressed. Some people go out of their way to pick fights with one another. It is not required that everything be natural.

‘When the BJP has taken action against Nupur Sharma, what is the need to create (an uproar) in this manner?’ he added. Some people will continue to fight amongst themselves no matter what you do. In Bihar, there is no debate. ‘During the Ranchi unrest, Bihar government minister Nitin Naveen was attacked,’ he continued. The Jharkhand government is responsible for investigating the situation and taking appropriate action. ‘The Bihar administration has promptly taken up this issue with the Jharkhand government,’ Nitish Kumar added. Let us remind you that Nupur Sharma previously made a statement about Prophet Mohammad, which sparked a lot of controversy.

Not only that, but Nupur’s comment was also criticised by Arab countries. The BJP then expelled Nupur Sharma from the party. Protests against Nupur Sharma took place in Delhi, Ranchi, Lucknow, Prayagraj, and Kolkata on Friday. At the same time, there was violence during the demonstration in various locations, with stones being thrown at security forces. Ranchi’s violence claimed the lives of two persons. At the same moment, protesters yelled chants in front of Delhi’s Jama Masjid. On the other hand, violence erupted in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj. Stones were thrown at the officers.