Know the symptoms, causes, and prevention of silent heart attacks; singer KK died of this disease!


Lucknow: A change in lifestyle and dietary habits is frequently the cause of a heart attack. As a result, three out of every four persons in the country suffer from heart disease. According to multiple accounts, singer KK died of a heart attack as well. Everyone is both upset and grateful for his leaving. It is vital to highlight that the majority of people suffer from a silent attack and are unaware of it. It can be a serious problem if the heart muscle does not operate at the appropriate time. So, let’s see what symptoms our bodies give us prior to a heart attack that you should never disregard.

Symptoms: If the early symptoms of a heart attack are recognised, many lives can be saved. Stability, anomalies in the chest, heaviness in the chest, chest discomfort, perspiration, severe weakness, anxiety, exhaustion, or shortness of breath and difficulty breathing are some of the early signs. Furthermore, many people suffer from acidosis, which some mistake for a gas problem. Let me tell you something — it’s a sign of a heart attack. It’s also known as a Silent Heart Attack.

Pre-existing heart attacks include weakness, lightheadedness, neck and back pain, or soreness, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means that if you see any of these symptoms, don’t dismiss them. A doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

Causes of Heart Attack:
A steady supply of oxygen-rich blood is required by your heart muscle. Your coronary arteries provide this vital blood supply to your heart. When you have coronary artery disease, your arteries narrow, preventing blood from flowing as freely as it should. A heart attack occurs when your blood supply is cut off.

Plaques form when fat, calcium, proteins, and inflammatory cells pile up in your arteries. On the outside, these plaque deposits are hard, but on the inside, they are soft and mushy.

The outer shell of the plaque fractures when it becomes firm. This is referred to as a rupture. Blood clots form around the plaque as platelets (disc-shaped particles in your blood that help it clot) arrive. Your heart muscle will be deprived of oxygen if a blood clot plugs an artery. Muscle cells die quickly, resulting in irreversible injury.

Heart attack prevention: The most effective strategy to avoid a heart attack is to make lifestyle modifications. There are three major things you can do to assist prevent a heart attack: eat a healthy, balanced diet, and quit smoking. Lose weight, take medicine, or do a combination of these things to treat your high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. So have a look at some of the lifestyle adjustments that can help you avoid a heart attack:

– Quit smoking – Eat a healthy diet – Lower high blood pressure – Be physically active every day – Manage diabetes – Reduce stress – Drink plenty of water

What should you do if you have a heart attack?
If you’re having difficulties breathing or think oxygen isn’t getting to your heart, you should see a doctor right once; otherwise, you could die. This is the only way to avoid a heart attack in a catastrophic situation. Do you know that when the amount of harmful cholesterol in your body rises, you’re more likely to have a heart attack? In this circumstance, green vegetables and fruits should be included in your diet to help you avoid it. It is thought that the risk of heart attack is significant even if you do not exercise. As a result, make it a habit to exercise every day.