Know how the price of gold and silver moved on July 1st



There are still a few days left in this season for marriage, so if you plan to purchase gold or gold jewellery, there is crucial news for you. Along with gold, silver prices have been erratic for the previous few days. On Thursday, the fourth day of this trading week, both gold and silver prices decreased. Silver prices dropped by almost Rs 1,050 per kilogramme on Thursday, while gold prices fell by Rs 296 per 10 grammes. Following this decline, gold and silver both fell to about Rs 51,000 per 10 grammes and Rs 58,000 per kg, respectively. Silver has decreased in price by 21,000 rupees and gold by around 5,300 rupees since its peak.

Gold’s price per ten grammes increased by Rs 296 on Thursday, closing at Rs 50,863 per gramme. In contrast, gold increased in price by Rs 130 per ten grammes on Wednesday’s final trading day, closing at Rs 51,159 per gramme.

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