Khattar guarantees employment for Agnivesers at the Haryana Cabinet meeting


Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, presided over the Cabinet meeting in Chandigarh on Monday, which covered a total of 31 agenda items.

Reiterating the government’s commitment to helping Agniveers find work, Khattar stated that anyone, including the private sector, would be able to hire people who were recruited for the defence through Agnipath and returned after serving for four years.

“As citizens, they are returning after receiving training and learning a lot. They will return with between Rs 10 and 15 lakh. Even if we find them through the police force, we would still be able to avoid 9 to 12 months of training. They will already experience a sense of patriotism once they have served in the Army. Once they return, many of them can continue their education. More amenities may be provided to Agniveers, the CM said.

The e-vehicle policy

The Cabinet also resolved to “renegotiate the power-purchase agreements covering domestic and imported coal quotas with electricity producing businesses” in addition to making a number of other decisions. Prior to this change, the quota for imported coal was set at 30%, but it is currently just 17%.

the site of the new Vidhan Sabha

According to Khattar, a decision-making process is underway to choose the site of Chandigarh’s new Vidhan Sabha. “We have visited a few places. Prioritizing them will help us determine which is most appropriate for us. The Chandigarh administration will similarly determine whatever area it can offer us, he said.

linking the Parivar-Pehchan-Patra programme with the old-age pension

The Cabinet also approved tying the government’s Parivar-Pehchan-Patra (PPP) programme to the old-age pension. Beneficiaries won’t need to submit any more paperwork in order to get an old-age pension. The Cabinet approved the Startup Policy of 2022 and declared that the state government will support startups. Over 5,000 startups are currently operating in Haryana, according to Khattar.

a separate legal system for 600 unapproved colonies

The Cabinet agreed that 600 unauthorised colonies located outside of municipal areas would be subject to a separate statute. “Out of the approximately 2,000 unlicensed housing complexes in Haryana, only 600 were registered. The Haryana Vidhan Sabha’s upcoming session would see the promulgation of a bill, according to Khattar.

Additionally, it was agreed that the state government would be in charge of running the temple in Beri, Rohtak. For this, a separate board must be established.

Law and order in Punjab

Khattar stated, “Everyone needs to sit together and make sure that the peace and order situation in Punjab remains in order. Because Punjab is our border state, we also need to keep a watchful eye on things. Any crisis may be handled by Haryana with ease.