Khargone is to blame for the Agneepath saga in Indore, which Mohsin had orchestrated



Indore: The Agneepath scheme sparked a lot of debate in Indore, and now linkages between Khargone and Maharashtra have surfaced in the same case. In truth, the miscreants had jammed themselves onto a truck from Maharashtra after viewing arson messages and videos on social media. According to reports, everyone came through khargone, with many teenagers from Ujjain and the nearby districts. The police have filed cases against more than 50 criminals, according to the information received in this case. At the same time, 36 people have been arrested and booked. According to the information gathered in this case, a complaint of attempted murder has been filed against the students in connection with the attack on the police officers, and some are being searched using videography.

At the same time, the police have confiscated the vehicle that originated in Maharashtra, as well as the truck driver Mohsin, who transported the suspects to Indore via Khargone. On Saturday, the accused were said to have appeared in court. They were taken to jail from here. In this case, the police apprehended the kids in Lasudia, and an eicher truck with the number MH-18, AA-0137 was parked nearby. According to reports, the youngsters fled after causing a commotion and climbed into this vehicle. When the police inquired as to how they arrived in Indore, the apprehended youths stated that they all arrived in the same truck from Maharashtra. He claimed he was well aware that the cops would not allow him to proceed any further.

Even after that, they devised a scheme to do harm to government property. The majority of the youths who committed the crime, according to authorities, are locals of Ujjain and Khargone. Who arrived in a group? You may be known that Ujjain youngsters caused a commotion at the GRP and Laxmibai Nagar train station. In this case, the Banganga police station has filed a case against more than 30 miscreants who caused a commotion, while the teenagers who caused a commotion at Dewas bypass had arrived in a truck from Khargone. In this case, Lasudia police have filed a complaint against more than 25 criminals. The youngsters, who were arrested by police, said that they had congregated at the railway station to protest after seeing images of arson and train damage on social media the day before. According to reports, the police have taken the apprehended suspects into custody.