Kejriwal confronts the Gujarat police and slams them, saying, “You should be ashamed”


Arvind Kejriwal, the convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), got into a heated disagreement with some police officers about security procedures on Monday. Kejriwal, who is in Gujarat for two days to campaign for the forthcoming Assembly elections, was not prepared to invite police officers to dinner at the home of an auto-rickshaw driver. The Delhi chief minister claimed that he was being detained while the scene played out under the guise of security.

In a video posted by the AAP chapter in Gujarat, Kejriwal can be seen in his aggressive persona pleading with the authorities to withdraw the security protection.

“What assurance would you offer? You have a (dark) spot on your person, and you need to be ashamed. Gujaratians are angry right now because your leaders don’t interact with the population. You are preventing us from going to the public, and we are going there,” Kejriwal said to the official.

He said, “It is this protocol that has hurt the people of Gujarat,” when the security protocol was brought up. Your leaders avoid going out in the open. The public is dissatisfied. Inform your superiors that occasionally breaching convention is the best way to reach the public. People are furious with your leaders in general.

Aapne toh mujhe qaid karke rakha hua hai, the Delhi Chief Minister continues. You have held me in prison, Ap mujhe arrest nahi kar sakte, ye arrest hai. I’m not subject to arrest; this is an arrest.

After the incident, two police cars escorted the three-wheeler to Ghatlodia while a police officer sat next to the auto-rickshaw driver who had picked up Kejriwal from the hotel. Sitting on the floor at auto-rickshaw driver Vikram Dantani’s modest home, Kejriwal and other state AAP leaders enjoyed dinner.

The Gujarat home minister Harsh Sanghvi tweeted, “What an actor!” in response to a video of a dinner invitation that had been posted earlier in the day.