Kartik Aaryan is surrounded by fans in Europe while he devours his food, and the internet is clamouring for him to at least eat


Kartik Aaryan is taking a much-needed break in Europe after a demanding round of marketing for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. The actor has been sharing a few pictures from his travels, and it appears that the break has arrived just in time.

Kartik is seen eating while some of his followers ask for a picture in a recent social media video. When the actor says, “I am Kartik Aaryan,” the fans are initially in shock that they had discovered him. The followers are ecstatic and start taking pictures with him as he finishes his lunch. “Aadhar card dun?”

The video caused controversy on the internet because some people believed Kartik should have stood up when snapping the picture. One of the comments said, “Seems rude in it.” Another remark stated, “I think he should at least stand with him for the picture… just my thoughts… no offence.” “Quite a disrespectful act by Kartik, not expected this from him at least,” read another comment.

Nevertheless, the actor was defended in a number of other remarks. Kartik was eating when the supporters interrupted him, and they should not have done so. Some even remarked that after taking the picture, the fan did not even thank Kartik. “He was enjoying his lunch while seated in a corner, perhaps expecting he wouldn’t be seen easily, but look at them all come crashing into him. One remark said, “I mean have some fundamental manners, let him finish his food man.

Another admirer commented, “There’s nothing wrong with that. He’s a human being before an actor, he also might be tired, and at least he didn’t deny them the image. Is this polite to say, “Photo khichwane k baad thank you bhi nahi bola? And everyone is trying to figure out why Karthik isn’t getting up,” another comment stated. Let him dine in peace, a supporter penned.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was a tremendous triumph for Kartik Aarayan. He is now anticipating the publication of Shehzada, Captain India, and Sameer Vidwans’ upcoming works.