Jungle Raj with two engines! Tejashwi Yadav exclaimed, “O Vishwaguru!” as soon as he saw the view of the National Highway



Madhubani: It’s startling how many potholes there are on the road in Madhubani, Bihar, given the road’s current state. It is impossible to tell from looking at the road in Bihar if there are potholes on the road or in the road itself. These days, large trenches are being filled with water at every step. This route is also used by trucks and two-wheeled vehicles. According to others, this road has allegedly been in this state for a long time, but no one in charge has paid attention to it.

NH 227L is the name of the same street. By way of Basopatti, this road connects Kaluahi and Umgaon. For roughly 200 metres close to Basopatti market, the quality of this road is really poor. In this 200 metre radius, large potholes continue to be a major issue. Locals and market visitors both have to deal with the issue during the wet season. Arun Shankar Prasad, a BJP lawmaker, too has a home in this market. Additionally, this region’s JDU MP, RP MANDAL, is from. Even after that, neither the MPs nor the MLAs showed any concern for the fate of this route.

The same locals claim that this road was constructed first about 10–12 years ago, but no one has since looked back. The Center has not made any plans to construct this road. The experiment to build a road was carried out repeatedly, but each time it failed due to poor coordination between the leaders and the contractor. We have instructed the department to make the road walkable within a week, according to Madhubani District Magistrate Amit Kumar. Work on it has already begun in the department. Tejashwi Yadav also posted the same video with the following comment: In order to track the number of visitors from around the nation visiting Bihar, the BJP government, which won 39 out of 40 Lok Sabha seats from Bihar, built a beautiful international road there. Visitors are involuntarily exclaiming Ah! when they see the calibre and layout of the roads in New India. Jungle Raj with two engines! Vishwaguru, oh!