“JDU-BJP like husband and wife, fights may occur but will never separate… “



Mumbai: There are rumours that the JDU-BJP coalition in Bihar may be fracturing as a result of the political challenge in Maharashtra. The Agneepath scheme introduced for army recruitment is considered to be the subject of disagreement between the two parties. Vijendra Yadav, a minister and leader of the JDU, has addressed the situation, nonetheless. He claimed that the two parties are in agreement. The BJP and the JDU are like to a husband and wife who may argue but who are hard to split apart. Although our opinions may differ, this does not necessarily indicate that we will part ways.

No one is a slave of anyone; there is an alliance between the two parties. He spoke to the journalists at the JDU state office on Thursday. He claimed that although the two parties’ opinions may differ, their relationship will not suffer as a result. The development of Bihar is a goal shared by both parties.

When the minister was questioned by the media about Maharashtra’s ability to influence Bihar amid its ongoing political crisis, Is there a chance that the JD(U) MLA will be broken here as well? The minister’s response was that the party needs have a strong leader who can maintain its unity. Nitish Kumar is conscious that he must lead the party. He was informed by the media that things between the BJP and JDU are not good.