Javed’s father throws stones at police, while Afreen runs propaganda in JNU



Lucknow: After the house of the primary conspirator of the Prayagraj unrest, Mohammad Javed aka Javed Pump, was razed with a bulldozer, protests erupted at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). The cause for this is Javed Pump’s daughter, Afreen Fatima, a JNU Student Union counsellor. Afreen has also incited Muslims to oppose the CAA and the NRC. Now that the administration has enforced its baton on Javed, the instigator of the violence, Afreen has begun spreading lies by calling it an atrocity against Muslims, and she has described her own location as ‘Lynchistan’ on Twitter.

Afreen Fatima is a JNU scholar who earned her Bachelor of Art (BA) and Master of Art (MA) from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and uses this to brainwash people through pupils. Afreen Fatima’s controversial statements during the CAA and NRC rallies in Delhi at Jantar Mantar and Shaheen Bagh went popular on social media. During the Shaheen Bagh protest, Afreen was active from JNU to Allahabad. Afreen had not only incited Muslims to come to the streets on the topic of hijab, but she had personally joined the rallies in numerous places across South India. Afrin’s ties have also been discovered to be related to the militant Islamic group Popular Front of India (PFI), which has been accused of inciting violence across the country.

Javed Mohammad, the principal perpetrator of the violence in Prayagraj, has two daughters. Afreen Fatima is the oldest daughter, while Sumaiya Fatima is the youngest. While at AMU, Afreen became involved in student politics. Sumaiya, the other daughter, is currently doing her PhD at Prayagraj. On Sunday, the district administration and police in Prayagraj used a bulldozer to demolish the unlawfully constructed two-story residence of the mastermind of the violence, Mohammad Javed alias Javed Pump. Following incidences of stone-pelting on police in the Atala and Kareli areas of the city following Friday prayers, the action was carried out.