Javed Akhtar warned me, Kangana Ranaut, for not apologising to Hrithik Roshan



The actress from the film Queen is once more in the spotlight, but not for the movie itself, but rather for a recent statement she made. The controversy queen Kangana is well-liked for her forthright demeanour, political viewpoints, and direct conduct. The Bollywood Queen is renowned for her epic and audacious response, regardless of whether you’re discussing the nepotism controversy or any film review. According to the reports, Kangana recently charged Javed Akhtar of making threats against her and insulting her. The actor showed up in court on Monday in relation to a defamation claim Javed Akhtar had made against her. Look at the bigger picture.

After filing a complaint against Akhtar last year, Kangana Ranaut appeared before the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate court to record her statement as required by law.

Kangana Ranaut then claimed in court in Mumbai that Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar intimidated and insulted her after she refused to apologise to actor Hrithik Roshan and had committed the crime of extortion in the presence of her sister Rangoli and attorney.

Kangana Ranaut claimed that Akhtar became agitated and insulted her modesty when she refused to give in to his demand that she apologise to Roshan. She claimed he threatened her with negative repercussions from the Roshan family, who he claimed had political sway and might have her put in jail.