Jaideep Alhawat is as brilliant as ever, and Sonali Bendre deserved more screen time in The Broken News


The Broken News is a film starring Sonali Bendre, Shriya Palgaonkar, and Jaideep Alhawat about two television news networks, Aawaz Bharti and Josh 24/7. While the former believes in informing the public about the truth, the latter is always presenting’masala news’ in order to earn TRP.

The show’s plot is straightforward: it depicts Aawaz Bharti’s efforts to uncover a major government and business fraud that Josh 247 has been attempting to conceal. However, there is a catch. It will surprise and blow your head just when you believe the programme would have a good and happy finale. The fact that the show does not have a nice or happy finish distinguishes it from others.

The show has a number of sub-plots. Sonali is having an affair with a married guy, Shriya has a difficult relationship with one of her competitor channel’s staff, and Jaideep Alhawat’s personal life is in shambles. The creators, on the other hand, pay less attention to these features. The writers, on the other hand, close them in haste.

The show’s hero has emerged as Jaideep Alhawat. As always, he is brilliant. He has conveyed all emotions in a very accurate way, from being smart to cunning, emotional and vulnerable. His acting skills add to the realism of the programme. Shriya Pilgaonkar, on the other hand, failed to deliver anything noteworthy. Her character is aggressive, but her facial expressions remain consistent throughout the show. She doesn’t appear remarkable at all, even when she’s impassioned and teary-eyed throughout a scene.

Sonali Bendre is composed and flawless. However, the filmmakers should have given her more screen time. Sonali is given extremely less screen time in comparison to Jaideep and Shriya. It would have worked much better if the directors had cast Sonali in Shriya’s role.

There is one sequence in the show that is worth mentioning. It’s when Sonali tells her lover that she’s surrendered, then sobs for a bit before getting up to clear a shattered glass. Sonali teaches everyone a very important lesson in a fraction of a second: get up and work hard no matter what. Needless to say, she nailed the moment with ease and elegance.

The audience is captivated by the presentation because everything appears to be real, extremely real. Whatever is being seen can be connected to. There is no hyperbole or excessive drama in this story. To put it another way, the play might be seen as a reflection of today’s world.

It’s likely that the show will return for a second season, based on how it concluded.

Overall, the show is enjoyable to watch. You might find the first few episodes dull, but the plot picks up in the second half. Yes, Sonali Bendre should have been featured more, and Jaideep Alhawat is the show’s winner.