Is it a son or a daughter that Ranbir Kapoor desires? revealed who he was



Ranbir Kapoor, a Bollywood actor, is very eager to start a family. Yes, and Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor recently got married. Three months after the wedding, Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy was announced. Permit me to inform you all that Ranbir Kapoor is currently freely discussing fatherhood everywhere. Yes, and only lately he stated on a TV programme that he wanted a son or a daughter? In truth, Ranbir Kapoor revealed his heart’s secret in the television programme “Ravivaar with Star Parivaar.”

Actor Ranbir Kapoor was being trained by Anupama, aka Rupali Ganguly, at the time, before he became a father. In actuality, actor Ranbir Kapoor of Shamshera renown was learning how to carry the youngster and change his diaper from actress Rupali Ganguly of Anupama fame. Ranbir Kapoor revealed many heartfelt confessions at the same time and revealed if he wants a son or a daughter. In fact, Ranbir Kapoor said out loud to wanting a daughter in a talk with “Anupama.”

Let us remind you that before he married Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor stated in an interview that he wanted to be married soon enough for her to play football with her son when she was living on her knees. You can comprehend how thrilled he is to be a father in this circumstance. Let us also add that fans are enjoying Ranbir Kapoor’s instruction from Anupama on how to be a good father. Yes, and this video has taken off on social media like wildfire.