Indian students got lottery, UK government announced new HPI visa



UK HPI Visa: The UK on Monday launched a new ‘High Potential Individual’ (HPI) visa regime that will benefit students from 50 of the world’s top foreign universities, including Indians. Indian-origin ministers Rishi Sunak and Preeti Patel said in a joint statement that the aim of this new category is to attract the best and brightest talent coming from all over the world.

Can go to the UK without a job offer

Successful applicants under the HPI visa category will be offered a two-year work visa as well as a three-year visa for those who hold a Ph.D. degree. In this situation, the applicant will not even be required to have a letter of offer for a job. “This new visa offer means the UK can continue to attract the best and brightest talent from around the world,” said Rishi Sunak.