In the rain, this location near Delhi will provide a unique experience; definitely go for a walk


The majority of individuals enjoy going for walks, and some are on the lookout for unique travel alternatives. If you are a stroller and like to see different places, you can go to Delhi in this case. Yes, early rains may provide beautiful weather to Delhi and its environs. It’s a different kind of fun to walk around in this season in such a circumstance. You must be aware that the rainy season is the most unique and delightful, and if you want to get out and about during this time, you can visit these spots in Delhi.

Neemrana Fort: Neemrana Fort in Alwar district is the greatest destination to visit if you want to explore Delhi. It has lovely architecture and offers a variety of activities such as spa treatments, antique automobile trips, and swimming.

Damdama Lake, Haryana: If you have a day to spare and the weather is favourable, you can visit Haryana’s Damdama Lake. In reality, you may take a boat or a camel ride on this lake, which is around 58 kilometres from Delhi.

Sariska, Rajasthan: Rajasthan is famed for its brilliant sunshine and heat, but the Sariska National Park in the rainy season is breathtaking. Yes, and the lush forests and animal-bird species add to the beauty of the area. Here you can go on a jungle safari.

Murthal: If you enjoy both walking and eating, this is a great area to visit. The majority of individuals from Delhi and the surrounding areas travel to Murthal to take the paranthas test. Yes, and if you want to finish your road journey in one day, here is the place to go.