In the previous day, 16,678 new corona cases were reported in India



In the past 24 hours, there have been 26 fatalities and 16,678 new instances of coronavirus infection in India. Yes, over this time 14,629 individuals had recovered from the infection. The number of sick individuals has increased to 4,36,39,329. In such a circumstance, there are currently 1,30,713 corona cases active in the nation. Yes, and 4,29,83,162 patients in total have recovered since contracting Covid to date. The corona recovery rate in India is 98.5 percent, let us inform you all. This information was provided by the Union Health Ministry. The daily positive rate has also increased and is at 5.99 percent. In addition, in the past 24 hours, there has been an increase of 2,023 active COVID-19 cases.

We’d like to let you know that 42 people died and 18,257 new instances of the corona were reported nationwide yesterday. Yes, and according to the Union Health Ministry, active cases make up 0.29 percent of all illnesses. Corona-related deaths now account for 5,25,454 deaths nationwide. The first Corona pandemic-related death in India occurred in March 2020. Let us also mention that, as of July 10, 86,68,88,980 samples had been tested for COVID-19 by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Of these samples, 2,78,266 were examined on Sunday. With this, 198.88 crore vaccine doses have now been given to the nation as a whole to prevent coronavirus infection. In addition, the country’s weekly COVID-19 positive rate is at 4.18 percent.

When examining the states most severely impacted by the corona illness, Maharashtra comes up at number 80,04,024 with 1,47,976 fatalities to date. Kerala is ranked second. The coronavirus has so far infected 66,73,029 people, killing 70,150 people, according to data collected up until this past Saturday. Karnataka is in fourth place with 39,79,021 cases and 40,081 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu in third place with 35,01,529 cases and 38,028 deaths.