In Shamshera, Vaani Kapoor reveals that Ranbir Kapoor is her “personal favourite” and that “Sona plays a significant role in developing the plot”


The upcoming movie Shamshera starring Vaani Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor is anticipated by the audience. This is Vaani Kapoor’s first collaboration with Ranbir. Vaani portrays Sona, a dancer in the Yash Raj Films production.

According to Vaani, who played Sona in the movie, Sona was India’s most in-demand travelling entertainer throughout the 1800s. Sona plays a significant part in developing the story in Shamshera, as she does in all of the roles I’ve picked where her character pivots the plot in a particular direction. I’m appreciative that Karan Malhotra thought of me for this part. He helped me bring Sona to life by holding my hand the entire time.

She continued, “Sona has a strong will, is self-assured, and ambitious, but she also has her own emotional vulnerabilities. She’s undoubtedly one of the most energising roles I’ve ever portrayed. Ranbir Kapoor, a talent powerhouse, and I are collaborating. He is unquestionably a unique actor, and my personal favourite.

On July 22, 2022, the Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu versions of Shamshera, which also stars Sanjay Dutt and was directed by Karan Malhotra, will be released.