In response to social media calls for his arrest, Jubin Nautiyal says: ‘Anti-national? Me?’


In response to requests for his arrest due to his suspected connections to a banned Khalistani member, Jubin Nautiyal has spoken out. #Arrest Recent reports that Jai Singh was behind the musician’s planned concert in the United States caused JubinNautiyal to trend on Twitter, with some labelling him “anti-national.” According to the sources, Jai Singh has been evading capture in India for the past 30 years and is sought after on suspicion of narcotics trafficking and film piracy. It is said that after escaping to Fermont, California, he offers logistical help to the Khalistani movement. Also Refutes dating rumours, according to Jubin Nautiyal: My pal Nikita is one of my closest friends.

Jubin responded to the reports by saying that the concert in question had previously been postponed for a number of reasons. He clarified that he had no awareness of the charges being made on Twitter and claimed that a paid Twitter thread had driven the calls for the arrest.

He revealed to India Today “None of those folks are people I know. In August, we cancelled the performance. My management and a promoter by the name of Herijinder Singh entered into a contract. I’m not sure how things came to this. My mom suffers from depression. I’m at a loss for words. I’ve stated everything. The information was obtained via a sponsored Twitter conversation. Nobody ever bothered to ask me. Anti-national? Me?”

Jubin had previously used Twitter to deny the allegations made against him regarding his supposed association with a Khalistani member. He tweeted a selfie with the following: “Hello, Twitter friends and family. I’ve been on the road, but I’ll be filming for the entire month after that. Don’t let rumours disturb you. I cherish my nation (tricolour emoji). I adore everyone of you.”

After his tweet, Jubin’s supporters flocked to his side. We all know you never do anything wrong. Always have our love and respect, one person wrote. Another person added, “You have the support of all of your admirers from around the world, Jubin sir, as well as my entire support.”