In response to criticism of Maa Kali’s poster, the Aga Khan Museum apologises



An outcry has been going on for days over the documentary “Kaali” poster by director Leena Manimekalai. People can be seen agitating for a ban and firmly objecting to the poster’s depiction of Mother Kali smoking cigarettes. While this was going on, the Aga Khan Museum also requested an apology as the situation grew.

“The museum apologises that one of the 18 short videos presented here has harmed the sensibilities of Hindus,” the Aga Khan Museum stated in its statement of regret.

Various religious-social groups reportedly placed Maa Kali posters at the Aga Khan Museum as part of the “Under the Tent” programme for a project presentation at Toronto Metropolitan University, after which they apologised. I’ve done that as well. The authorities had previously been ordered by the Indian High Commission of Canada to take down any such poster videos that offended religious feelings.