In response to criticism of Brahmastra, Alia Bhatt said: “Jo box office pe aag lagayi hai.”


Bollywood’s curse has undoubtedly been lifted thanks to Brahmastra, but while the movie is succeeding at the box office, it is also receiving some criticism. The speech from the movie has been used in numerous memes, and many people have noted that Alia Bhatt’s role did not have much to do in the movie. The cast of the movie, including actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as well as director Ayan Mukerji, recently visited Ahmedabad for promotional purposes. Here, Alia discussed how to handle the unfavourable feedback.

As she discussed focused on the positives rather than the issues, Alia talked in Hindi. “Yeh jo life hai, humari yeh life hai aur life hai yeh pata nahi hai par yeh life hai, toh humare paas 2 possibilities hain ki ya toh aap positive bano ya positive pe focus karo ya toh aap negative pe focus karo,” the speaker said. And in this life, even though we are really unsure of whether there is another life after this one, we do know that this one exists. (This life, however, we do not know if there is another life beyond this one.) We may either be optimistic and concentrate on that, or we can be negative. And nowadays, anytime someone asks us a topic that is unfavourable, we actually want to respond with the consensus that we are not considering it).

The audience has the freedom to provide criticism, but Alia said she hopes the compliments outweigh the criticism. “The audience has the right to criticism, opinion, and comment. Toh jo reviews bol rahe ho unka ek opinion hai, unka right hai. Hope is something that we all have, whether it be positive or negative. In other words, the reviews you’re referring to are people’s opinions. Jo film release hone ke baad aisa lag raha hai ki positive hi zyada hai varna jo box office pe aag lagayi hai voh hota nahi. All we can do is hope that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. After the movie’s release, it appears to be more optimistic (otherwise, it wouldn’t have performed so well at the box office).”

Ayan Mukerji addressed the complaint that Alia wasn’t given enough screen time in the movie during a previous interview with In some ways, he continued, “Her extraordinary acting abilities have almost turned into something that some people are viewing as it is preventing them from embracing her fully. But once more, I’m eagerly awaiting the nationwide distribution of this (the film). Still, I believe she will receive a lot of support for her portrayal of this upbeat, content girl in the movie. Though mentioned. We will work with Alia more in part two.

Brahmastra Part Two: Dev could come out in December 2025, according to the filmmaker.