In real life, Aryan and Imlie are dating



The television show ‘Sunday with Star Family’ is now in the headlines. This show has attempted to bring together a variety of TV characters on a single platform. Yes, and the stars of the TV series ‘Imlie’ appear in this show. These days, Imlie is always in the top five on the TRP list. Yes, and the public adores the chemistry between Fahmaan Khan and Sumbul Tauqeer Khan, who play the key roles. Both of them have developed a house-to-house identity under the names Aryan and Imli in modern times. However, there are now allegations that the two are truly dating.

Let us inform you that Arjun Bijlani hosts the show ‘Sunday with Star Family,’ and a new promo video for the show has surfaced, in which Fahman and Sumbul are named on the iconic song ‘Katte Nahin Katte Yeh Din Yeh Raat’ from famous actor Anil Kapoor’s film ‘Mr. India,’ on the song You can be seen doing a sizzling dance. Arjun is seen asking these questions to both actors at the end of the video: Are they dating each other? Are they off-screens in love with one other as well?

The reactions of Fahman and Sumbul to such inquiries are interesting observing, and they both say yes. Indeed, they were both embarrassed to look at each other in response to Arjun’s questioning. Fans of these two, on the other hand, were already guessing that, based on their chemistry, their khichdi of love was ready. At the same time, admirers claim that both of them have accepted their love for each other as a result of this video. The two celebrities, on the other hand, have not commented.