In Odisha, India successfully tests a Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile


Six QRSAM system flight tests from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) Chandipur, off the coast of Odisha, were successfully completed on Thursday by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Indian Army.

The Indian Army conducted the flight tests as part of evaluation trials, according to DRDO.

To assess the weapon system’s capability under various scenarios, including long-range medium altitude, short-range high altitude, manoeuvring target, and salvo launch with two missiles fired in rapid succession, tests against high-speed aerial targets simulating various aerial threats were conducted, according to the DRDO.

Notably, both daytime and nighttime operation scenarios were used to test the system’s performance.

In order to defend the moving armoured columns of the Army from aerial attacks, the DRDO devised and built the QRSAM, a short-range Surface to Air Missile system.

The whole armament system can provide air defence while in motion and is configured on extremely mobile platforms.

The Indian Army is receiving the QRSAM weapon system.

The ARDE in Pune, the Research and Development Establishment (Engineers) in Pune, the Electronic and Radar Development Establishment in Bengaluru, the Instruments Research and Development Establishment in Dehradun, and the Missile Complex Laboratories in Hyderabad and Balasore have all worked together to develop the system.

All of the mission goals were accomplished throughout the six flight tests, proving the accuracy of the QRSAM system with cutting-edge guidance and control algorithms, including warhead chain.

DRDO added that the data collected by a number of Range equipment, such as Telemetry, Radar, and Electro Optical Tracking Systems (EOTS) placed by ITR, corroborated the system’s performance.

The final deployment configuration used for these tests included all locally developed subsystems, including a missile with an indigenous Radio Frequency (RF) seeker, a mobile launcher, a fully automated command and control system, and observation and multi-function radars.

Rajnath Singh, the union defence minister, praised the Indian Army and DRDO for the successful flight tests and expressed certainty that the QRSAM weapon system will be a fantastic force multiplier for the armed forces.