In Bethuadahari, Nadia District, shops have been closed and a curfew has been imposed. After a Day of Violence


On Monday morning, one day after the bloodshed in Bethuadahari, quiet reigned in the town of Nadia. A group of individuals attacked and damaged a local train at Bethuadahari railway station in West Bengal’s Nadia on Sunday evening, according to sporadic reports of violence and demonstrations.

Police have been deployed in the area and Section 144 has been imposed until Wednesday midnight.

While the local business sector has advocated for a 72-hour bandh, most stores have remained closed.

The protestors were protesting on the road adjacent to the railway station, but when they were chased by police, they entered the station and vandalised the train, according to local police.

“We demand that everyone involved in yesterday’s event be arrested; otherwise, we will stage a large protest.” When they were protesting inside, the police remained silent, according to Kalyan Das, a local merchant.

In a video message, Mohua Moitra, a Member of Parliament from the area, urged people to keep the peace.

There is a fear among the residents, so they are not coming out. More than 30 people have been arrested as a result of the incident, according to police. The local business community, on the other hand, is sceptical about the arrests.

Since Sunday evening, there has been no violent incidents in the region. Local businessmen were not allowed to go to their businesses since the police were keeping a close eye on them.