In a minute, make Masala buttermilk and sharpen the blender blades



If you work in the kitchen, you should be familiar with a variety of tricks and suggestions. In fact, preparing a delectable supper isn’t everything for a skilled homemaker. In truth, there are numerous kitchen works that should be hacked when they become spoilt. You are all aware that such tactics are frequently required, even in the kitchen, to salvage your damaged job. We’re going to give you some advice today.

* First and foremost, let’s discuss vegetables. In reality, when we bring veggies home from the market, we make every effort to wash them thoroughly and remove any dust or pesticides. To do this, mix baking soda with water and soak the veggies and fruits for a few minutes; the dirt will be eliminated.

* If you don’t have time to cook cumin seeds, ground one or two Hazmola tablets and add them to the buttermilk along with a pinch of black salt to produce masala buttermilk. You will receive a perfect test and your digestion will be fine as a result of this.

* If the onion tears while being cut, cut both sides and wash it with water. The waterfall will be diminished as a result.

* When producing a variety of recipes, the blender’s blades become dulled. If you wish to sharpen them, add some sendha salt to them and combine them once or twice.

* When preparing green leafy vegetables, sprinkle a touch of sugar on top to preserve the colour green.

* Add fresh curd to the vegetable gravy if you think it’s too thin or if you’re making a vegetable without garlic onions. Keep in mind, though, that while adding curd, the gas should be turned down.