If you’re bothered with lizards, these home cures will help you get rid of them



The lizards that run around on the house’s walls irritate everyone. Yes, and in today’s world, a lizard can be found in any home. By the way, lizards are not only unsightly, but they may also be harmful to one’s health. In fact, Salmonella germs can be detected in the faeces and saliva of lizards, increasing the risk of food illness. Yes, and if you’re seeking for a way to get the lizard out of your house, we’ll tell you how to do it today.

Ways to get rid of lizards that work-

Pepper Spray – Lizards can be readily chased away with pepper spray. Yes, and this spray can be made without the use of any chemicals. To prepare it, mix pepper powder with water, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray it over the walls of the house where lizards are likely to be found. The lizard, in reality, will not enter the house due to its strong odour.

Coffee powder can also be used to drive lizards away. Yes, and to use it, combine tobacco with coffee powder and shape into small tablets. After that, place them in an area where the lizard frequents.

Garlic and onions- After filling a spray bottle halfway with onion juice and water, add a few drops of garlic juice and shake thoroughly. Then strew it around the house in every nook where the lizard is most likely to appear. The lizards flee as a result of this.

Onions- The lizard gets away by slicing an onion and hanging it from a string. In reality, onions are strong in sulphur, which gives off a foul odour, causing the lizard to flee.

Water that is ice cold – Cold water can also assist lizards flee. Yes, and if you encounter a lizard, squirt it with cold water.