If the car is sighted on the road, email a photo right away and you’ll receive 500 rupees



Nagpur: Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced on Thursday that the Central government will introduce legislation that will reward anyone who uploads an image of a parked car in the wrong location with Rs 500. Cars are parked on the roads everywhere, according to Nitin Gadkari, causing hazards for pedestrians. This is a particularly serious issue in Delhi.

Nitin Gadkari stated that the central government is working on a rule that will allow people to park their cars on the road, then take a picture with their phone and transmit it to anybody they want. If the driver is fined Rs.1000, the sender will be compensated with Rs.500. This will eliminate the parking issue. People build enormous residences but don’t build parking, according to Gadkari.

Gadkari used his own house as an example, saying that the bread maker owns two second-hand vehicles in Nagpur. It used to happen in America when a woman came to clean and there was a vehicle nearby, and we would see it in an unexpected way; now it happens here as well. Gadkari stated that he is developing a parking space for 12 vehicles in his Nagpur home. I don’t leave my automobile parked on the street. In India, a household with four members and six cars is common. Using Delhi as an example, he stated, “Delhiites are fortunate because we have developed a road for their automobile parking.” No one constructs a parking lot; instead, everyone parks their vehicle on the road.