If Nupur Sharma killed Kanhaiyalal, she should apologise to the nation. the Hon. Surya Kant



New Delhi: The significant statement made by the Supreme Court on BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s suspension has surfaced. Nupur Sharma has been ordered by the supreme court to apologise to the entire nation. At the same time, the court also declared that she was to blame for the Udaipur incident. Let me tell you that two fanatics slit the throat of a Hindu man by the name of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur. The accused had previously made a video saying, “The same punishment of Gustakh-e-Rasool, separated the head from tore,” both during and after the murder. In addition, Kanhaiyalal was penalised for endorsing Nupur Sharma. The Supreme Court has since stated that Nupur Sharma is to blame for this murder.

The Supreme Court has voiced its disapproval of Nupur Sharma’s comments on the Prophet Mohammed. Justice Surya Kant of the Supreme Court stated after hearing Nupur’s transfer request that his comments had inflamed national sentiment. She is to blame for the current state of affairs in the nation. The court asserted that Nupur was intentionally provoked, as was evident from the TV debate. However, what she said next is even more repugnant.

She and her loose tongue, according to the Supreme Court, have lit the nation on fire. The unfortunate event that happened in Udaipur was her fault. The court informed the attorney that it was too late to retract her words after she apologised and did so in a humble manner. According to the Supreme Court, a person has been detained as a result of his complaint. She hasn’t even been touched by the Delhi Police yet, despite the filing of multiple FIRs.