‘I Support Nupur Sharma’ posters were put up overnight in this state, prompting a police notice



Gopalganj: A poster in favour of Nupur Sharma, the BJP’s spokesperson, has been placed in the city of Gopalganj. In reality, ‘I Support Nupur Sharma’ posters have been up in Gopalganj city’s educational institutions, parks, temples, and square-squares over night in support of Nupur Sharma. However, the police and intelligence agencies have been alerted as a result of the emergence of these posters here. The poster has gone popular on social media, according to reports, and many people have come out in favour of Nupur Sharma. ‘I Support Nupur Sharma’ has been scribbled on Nupur Sharma’s poster with her photo.

Muslim organisations had organised for a demonstration parade against Nupur Sharma on Sunday, but the authorities refused to allow it. Simultaneously, a Muslim group has filed a written complaint against Nupur Sharma for filing a FIR with the municipal police station. Many posts in support and opposition of Nupur Sharma, on the other hand, have been shared on social media. Despite the fact that Nupur has a large number of supporters on social media who are telling her the truth. Let us inform you that Gopalganj’s IT cell is compiling a list of those who have made controversial posts on social media, and their Facebook IDs are being monitored. Around 70 people are said to have been identified, on whom action can be taken at any time.

What’s the matter- After a TV debate, Nupur Sharma made a remark about Prophet Muhammad. At the same time, Muslim society has been staunchly opposed to them ever then. On June 3, unrest erupted in Kanpur, and on June 10, violence erupted in a number of locations, including Prayagraj and Ranchi. Nupur Sharma, on the other hand, has apologised for her remarks. At the same time, the BJP has kicked him out of the party.