Hybrid cosmetics that can possibly take the place of your full skincare regimen


Hybrid beauty products can literally replace your entire skin, and there are now cosmetics that seamlessly blend skincare and makeup. Using hybrid goods alters your entire skin care regimen because you no longer require a 5-step beauty treatment, according to beauty experts, who claim that these products may be applied directly to the skin without causing any harm.

We all need our skincare to perform a few basic tasks, such as cleansing, hydrating, UV protection, assisting the skin’s natural barrier, safeguarding the skin from external aggressors, balancing the skin’s PH, and providing sebum protection, regardless of our skin types, tones, or concerns we’re looking to address. We should look for hybrid items, like makeup and skincare for example, that fulfil these purposes for us since we may all need them at varied levels of priority.

Ananya Kapur, the founder of Type Beauty Inc., said in an interview that “we now have foundations that double as moisturisers with SPF for your skin, concealers, and spot correctors. These are the goods that are designed and chosen based on the individual’s skin type. They take care of keeping your skin healthy. Additionally, given that the hybrid beauty sector is growing, this is a wonderful opportunity to invest in it and expand. Many people desire to enter the market but lack the necessary knowledge.

She said, “It must be done with the utmost care and scientific expertise when we are changing cosmetics and infused it with skincare. Few businesses focus on certain skin types and problems. To precisely determine whether a product is effective for a specific skin type, dermatological and skin-safe testing must be conducted. A crucial first step in creating makeup that is specifically suited to a person’s complexion is selecting the correct formulations and ingredients.

The founder of Trudiance, Jigeesha Sarvaiya, offered the following advice while using hybrid products:

1) Facial base products can prove to be very useful in this area. For instance, our serum foundations hydrate the skin, shield it from outside aggressors, support the health of the skin’s natural barrier, and prevent infections.

2) Emollients are necessary for the lips since they aid in the skin’s ability to retain moisture. We ought to keep an eye out for goods that perform this job.

3) The skin surrounding the eyes (under the eyes and on the eyelids) is very sensitive and requires extra care. By the day, eye makeup with hydrating and anti-oxidant qualities might take the place of skincare.

4) Non-comedogenic and anti-allergic are a couple of qualities to search for.

“Having said that, it helps to have toxins-free elements in our cosmetics as these ensure that the skin stays free from damage, while we put the products on it for lengthy hours,” she said. Last but not least, everyone of us has needs that are particular to us. Learning everything there is to know about the products we use—their components, their claims, and their development and testing—is essential. When we can, we should seek the counsel of experts and take care to avoid being brainwashed (or, occasionally, being “greenwashed”) into using items without having done our research on them. No “one answer fits all” exists.