Hrithik Roshan advised producers not to shoot in Uttar Pradesh



The film Vikram Vedha is currently being shot. Since its announcement, the movie has consistently been in the press. Yes, and there are two main reasons why this movie will continue to receive attention. The first of these is a Hindi adaptation of a South Indian blockbuster movie, and the second is the collaboration of two great Bollywood actors in Saif Ali Khan and Hrithik Roshan. A new report, however, suggests that this movie might be postponed.

In fact, Pushkar-Gayatri, the original film’s writer-director, is also in charge of the Hindi remake, and he reportedly intended to keep costs down to mirror those of the original. Let us inform you that, despite being lower than the budget of any of Hrithik Roshan’s films, the Bollywood film’s budget was kept higher than the south film’s. According to the information that has since surfaced, Hrithik Roshan had numerous suggestions that could have improved this movie’s financial prospects.

Hrithik discussed his thoughts with the creators at the same time. In fact, the producers intended the movie to be filmed in Uttar Pradesh so that it could have a similarly unpolished vibe to Vikram Vedha from Kollywood. Hrithik, however, objected to filming in Uttar Pradesh and recommended that a set be built in Dubai instead, giving the movie an up-like atmosphere. Although nothing has been finalised yet, it is reported that the budget for this set will need to be greatly increased.